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The TAZ Lover's Webring was formed in early 1997 by one particular web user who had just gotten his first sample of personal homepages.  So, naturally, he had to try his hand at it.  He decided to theme it around his cartoon hero, the Tazmanian Devil.  After a few exhausting hours, the site so to be called TAZ's Page's of Wonder, was formed.  One would think it would have stopped there, but it didn't.

On one special site, he saw a little code block with ties to Webring.org.  Since it was new and different, he tried it. The form was ready for input, but what would the ring be called?  Taz's adventures on the Web?  The Wild and Wacky World of Taz?  No, it needed to bring people together.  In a conversation that evening, someone commented to the young web author that he must certainly love Taz, because he had been seen in almost nothing but Taz-related apparel for weeks.  Then it hit him.  Of course!  There must be other people out there that share a passion for the furry, illiterate devil, so why not 'The TAZ Lover's Webring'?  

And it was so.  The ring became alive and more and more netizens who shared similar interests in Taz signed up each day.  And they still do now.  

The TAZ Lover's webring is still alive and flourishing.

So I guess the question is, how Taz-crazy are you?


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