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TAZ Lovers


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All you have to do to join is to read these rules, fill out the form, and pick up the code!


The site must contain TAZ or other Looney Tune content
The site must have the TAZ Lover's Ring code on it
The TAZ Lover's Ring has the right to reject any site if it feels it is not appropriate to the needs of the ring
"Ring Masters" have the right to change these rules if necessary without prior notification.
If you do not add the ring codes in one week, you will be removed from the queue.  It is your responsibility to get them.  To find out how, visit our home page, enter your site info, and hit submit.  The webring server will then generate the proper code for your site.


Now that you HAVE READ THE RULES you can fill out the form!

Site Title:
Site URL:
Example: (remember to include or domain and remember to not use any spaces in your e-mail address!)